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Area : selectable boats select ?
Algeria 0 Yes No
Germany 1 Yes No
England south 0 Yes No
Spain - Andalusia 1 Yes No
Spain - Baleares 4 Yes No
Spain - Costa Brava 21 Yes No
Spain - costa del sol 12 Yes No
Spain Atlantic 3 Yes No
Spain costa blanca 9 Yes No
Spain Mediterranean 34 Yes No
France FWI 4 Yes No
France Atlantic 10 Yes No
France Atlantic Bordeaux 2 Yes No
France Bayonne 5 Yes No
France Brittany 30 Yes No
France Brittany Northern 2 Yes No
France - middle 0 Yes No
France Corsica 9 Yes No
France Channel 9 Yes No
France Mediterranean 3 Yes No
France East Mediterranean 34 Yes No
France West Mediterranean 11 Yes No
France Normandy Lower 2 Yes No
France Paris 0 Yes No
Greece 3 Yes No
Italy Adriatic 2 Yes No
Italy Genoa 10 Yes No
Italy Roma 6 Yes No
Latvia 0 Yes No
Morocco 1 Yes